Success often comes from learning from others who have achieved their goals. An entrepreneur can be blessed with a mentor, but not all people are able to find one.

Here are few tips to help you get started if you don’t know where to start.

1. Like the Romans, build it

The Colosseum dates back to 1949. It is still relatively intact for the most part. It was made with a stronger material than the concrete we use today. Its beauty is so stunning that many have traveled to Italy to see it in all its splendor. Romans used only the finest materials and imported rare marble from other nations to create things that would last. Many entrepreneurs build businesses for the short-term, but there are others who do it long-term. Many entrepreneurs view a business as a way of making a few thousand more. They should instead be creating something that will last many years. Japan is home to one of the oldest businesses on the planet. Kongo Gumi is a construction company that specializes in Buddhist temples. It was founded in 578 AD. This makes it 1441 years young! It had an annual budget of $70 million before the merger. You should be able to build a business that leaves a lasting legacy by doing the same thing every day and making it better than others. You should be focusing on high-quality products, just like the Romans. And, like the Japanese, you should identify a niche.

2. Select the right niche

People often make a mistake when they choose the niche. You might not be able to identify your target audience if you are too broad in your business. You might find that your niche is too narrow if you are too specific about a store selling barre class socks. There’s also the seasonality aspect. If you are obsessed with Christmas, it is possible to start a Christmas business, but struggle to find customers in February. You should also consider whether your customers will be able to re-market for many years. If you sell maternity clothes, for example, women can only be pregnant for nine months. She won’t likely shop at that store after she has children. When choosing a niche to focus on, make sure it’s a popular one all year. Google Trends will show you how stable the niche is. It’s also important to pick a niche that is popular, such as a fashion, beauty, or home decor topic with at least hundreds of thousand of monthly searches. Finally, avoid niches that are short-term. You won’t be in a position to build an email list with these niche businesses. Instead, try these unique business ideas!

3. Find the solution to a problem

A key business tip for entrepreneurs is to start a business that solves problems. Most failed entrepreneurs can’t answer the question of what problem they solved or it wasn’t urgent enough. You don’t have to solve a complicated problem like curing a illness. You can make it simple. For example, we provide entertainment to help people get over boredom. You must know what your business is trying to achieve. To help people understand your solutions, it’s important to identify the burning problem that you are solving. If you are selling anti-snoring products, your ad should show the stress that snoring can cause to a person’s sleeping patterns. Then, show your product as the solution that will allow them to rest through the night.

4.Do not put customer needs before your own

Unmet needs are the leading cause of business conflict. Unmet customer needs can lead to frustration and cause customers to feel disappointed if they don’t receive the product or service they expect. When it comes to customer relations, the most important tip is to empathize and understand your customer. It’s much easier to understand their frustration and not take their insults personally when you can recognize it as their pain. Instead, try to understand what they are saying and to mirror their intent. You will eventually find a solution that addresses their needs and makes them feel heard. This is a way to build a lasting relationship with your customer, even if they are upset by their first encounter with your brand. You can read Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD to learn more.

5. Instead of focusing on revenue, focus on profit

Many entrepreneurs are obsessed about revenue. They claim that they made $900,000. In just eight months. You can’t help but wonder if they really thought that. Because if you dig deeper, profit is often more important than revenue. Even if you make $900,000.000 in revenue, is it worth the effort if your profit after eight month is only $10,000? Is that sustainable? It is unlikely. You can make the shift from thinking about revenue to profit. You can reinvest more in your employees and business. As an entrepreneur, you get paid last. You must pay your startup costs first. You’ll need to ensure that you have enough money to pamper yourself. Shopify offers a free Profit Margin Calculator that will help you make a profit.

6. Challenge yourself.

Richard Branson believes that his greatest motivation is to continue challenging himself. He views his life as a long university education where he learns more each day. You can, too.

7. Do the work that you love.

It’s clear that running a business takes a lot of work. Steve Jobs stated that only a life that is fulfilled by work you love can bring happiness to your life.

8. Take the chance.

We don’t know what the end result of our efforts until we do it. Jeff Bezos stated that it helped him to realize that he wouldn’t regret failing, but that he would regret not having tried.

9. Believe in yourself

Henry Ford once famously stated, “Whether or not you believe you can, you are right.” You can overcome any obstacle if you believe you can. You’ll find excuses if you don’t believe you can succeed.

10. Vision is key.

David Karp is the founder and CEO of Tumblr. He says that entrepreneurs are people who have a vision and a desire for success. Your vision should be clear at all times.


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