Pre Orders FAQ




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Dates given are approximate shipping dates given by manufacturers. These are subject to change and will be updated if new information is received. Dates that products arrive in store are variable and are dependant on shipping times.

Pre Order Details

We now have pre-orders available for items brand new to the market and just hitting the store shelves! Even better we offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on any pre ordered item.... how can it get better than that? You may order items that are not yet available but will be arriving to our shop soon. We try to make these available for pre order no more than 1 month before the release date, but please note that the release dates provided by the manufacturers are not guaranteed and may vary. We will do our best to keep you updated via email if considerable time is added to your products arrival date.

Please note that we will hold your entire order until all item(s) are available to ship and will ship your order complete.

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to grow our product variety this year, we are planning to work using the pre order method for most collections and manufacturers this year. At this time, we will be working with a pre order quota in mind. If pre order sales have not reached our minimum sales target for a specific collection or product then that item(s) will not be stocked in our shop and refunds to the customers who have pre ordered will be issued along with email notification.  

Why should I pre order an item?

We try our best to have our customers be some of the first to get it pre order items! Plus during our limited pre order times we offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for any pre ordered item. Now you can order your favorite collections before they are released. When brand new products arrive, orders that have pre ordered products are fulfilled before any new orders. There are also times when items are sent to us in limited quantity and therefore those who pre order are guaranteed to receive these items. So get it first.. and don't pay shipping! Please note though sometimes the manufacturer delays shipping to us for various cases like this you may see some shops located closer to the manufacturer's receive their product before us... It is frustrating but it happens sometimes..we try our best to 

Can I add other non pre order items to my order?

We ask that you do not include in-stock items in your cart when you purchase pre-orders. We will hold your entire order until all item(s) are available to ship and will ship your order complete. If you do choose to include in-stock items in your order, you will be charged shipping on those items. The value of pre ordered items are not included in our standard free shipping on orders over $60USD, therefore in order to get free shipping on your in-stock items their value must be equal or more than $60USD not including your pre-ordered items. 

Can I pre order from multiple collections and manufacturers? 

Yes, we are happy for you to mix and match your pre order items. However, please do take note of estimated arrival times. We will hold your order until all items have arrived in stock. 

I live in  __________ how much is shipping because it's coming up $0 in my cart?

Our cart isn't broken..... thats right! We offer FREE shipping anywhere in the world on any items that are pre-ordered. Even if you live in the boonies only reached by a 1 hr donkey cart ride... you order it we will get it to you for FREE! 

Why am I being charged shipping? 

If you have created an order that includes both pre-order and in-stock items then you will be charged shipping for the in-stock item(s). The value of pre-order item(s) DO NOT count towards our standard free shipping on orders over $60USD. In order to receive free shipping on in-stock items, the total value of in-stock items (excluding pre-ordered items) must be equal or more than $60USD.

When do I pay for the pre order items?

Pre-order items must be paid for at the time the order is placed. We do this for our customer's convenience and security. When you place your order and make a credit card payment, our credit card merchant company captures your payment information and processes the transaction. At no time do we have access to your credit card information nor is your credit card information stored on our servers or in our office. 

When will the pre ordered items arrive?

We strive to give you the most accurate time of a product's arrival and if we know, we will include our estimate in the items description. However, we've found that the dates given to us by the manufacturer may vary considerably, so most of the time you will not see an estimated ETA.

Can I use a promo code for a pre order?

Sure! What good is a promo code if you can't use it? Just make sure when you finalize your order and check out, you enter a valid code. Refunds will not be given for forgotten codes after an order is confirmed. 

Can I cancel the pre-order?

Absolutely! You may cancel your pre-order item(s) at any time before your order ships. Just drop us an email and we are happy to help.