Shipping & Payment

We want each order to reach you as quickly as possible, and ensure that our delivery charges are fair and reasonable.

Where do you ship? 

We are located in Hong Kong. We ship both domestically as well as internationally. Doesn't matter what country you are in we will ship to you. 

How much is shipping? 

If you would like to find the exact shipping rate, you can do so by using the shipping calculator located in your "basket".  Make sure that you select the correct country from the dropdown menu.  We try our best to make sure the customer and duty declaration is under the threshold to help save you money. 

If your parcel is going to a Hong Kong, Macau or China address you pay local shipping costs.  However, if you spend over HKD$350 than your shipping charge is also FREE.

Shipping prices can also be viewed during checkout before completing your order. Depending on the number of orders being processed, your package will be packed and shipped within 1-2 days of purchase. If we are running a promotion your order may take longer and we appreciate your patience.

When will I get my goodies? 

Our goal is to have your goodies shipped within 48 hours of your order submission. This time may be longer during public holidays. If you are located in Hong Kong, expect your package to arrive 24 to 48 hours after dispatch. If you are international please allow 5-14 working days after dispatch. If for some reason you would like your order rushed, please contact us for more information. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.


Can I pay with my credit card instead of Paypal?

Of course! All our credit card processing is done through Paypal, but you do not need to create a Paypal account in order to make your purchase. 

Here are some photos that should help explain the checkout process if you're stuck. Please note that you DO NOT need a Paypal account to successfully checkout.

Click the "Paypal" button when asked your payment preference. 

 photo 07d31257-2087-4df1-b37c-0dfde22e5d90_zpsc93e3301.jpg
You will then be directed to Paypal to enter your credit card information. If you do not have a Paypal Account, please click on Don't have a Paypal Account? as shown in the photo below. For those of you who do have accounts with Paypal, please proceed and key in your email address and password. Please note that all of our transactions are done on Paypal's server and are secure. Paypal is a payment platform that is widely used around the world and is recognised as one of the safest methods of payment.
 photo d767ef9c-f75c-4333-b467-47cfb21cb6cf_zps0cc6784c.jpg


Next press the "Pay Now" button. This button is on the very bottom of the page, on the right. Until you push this, no payment has been made, and no order will have been created. Once this step is complete you will be returned back to our site where your purchase will be confirmed. 

After you push this button, PayPal will email you a payment receipt. We will create an order for you, and email you an order confirmation. Both of these emails usually show up within a minute or two of payment. If you don't see our order confirmation, check your "Junk" folder - overzealous spam filters sometimes put them there.


What do I do if I'm having trouble ordering?

We do everything we can to ensure that shopping with us is as simple and pleasant as possible. However, we both know that our computers sometimes have a mind of their own! If this occurs, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are happy to help you. You can contact us by e-mail here 24 hours a day. 


How do I know my order was received?

You should receive a confirmation e-mail within minutes of placing your order confirming that we received your order. If you do not receive it within 24 business hours, please contact us via email here for assistance.


What if I need to make an adjustment to my order?

If your order has not already been shipped we will be happy to accommodate you. Additions lengthen the processing time. For this reason, we encourage customers who are interested in adding more than one or two items to place a separate order.We will make every effort to accommodate your requests. Our customer service department is here to help. You can  contact us here.


How can I obtain coupon codes?

There are several ways our customers can obtain coupons. There is a page on our website dedicated to coupons and promotions which can be found here. Some promotions are mentioned in our newsletters, so sign up today! Sometimes we'll send out special newsletters to our valued returning customers. Also, there are often coupons for future orders enclosed in your shipment or in communications with us.


Can I use more than one coupon on an order?

At this time we can only accept 1 coupon per order due to restrictions from our e-commerce platform.