Crafting with Care

Our thoughts go out to those affected by typhoon HaiYan. We hope that all our Filipino customers and their families both there and in our local Hong Kong community are safe. 

The Filipino community and culture is so much about giving and helping and is a huge part of what keeps Hong Kong, our families and many of our local families running smoothly. We want to do what we can to help them. 

From now until December 31st we will be donating 10% of every purchase made online to the relief efforts. 

We have chosen to donate to Tao Philippines. These guys are normally an ecotourism company arranging tours and trips into remote island villages and often taking on projects such as building schools in order to help these communities out. Being located in a hard hit area and taking damage themselves, these guys did not hesitate in sorting out aid and getting it to cut off areas. They have been working tirelessly to get food, water and building supplies to those who need it most often being the first aid arriving to communities. We have been following their inspiring work through their facebook page  which they keep updated with photos and news of how donations are helping. These guys are around for the long term and will be helping to rebuild for months to come. We feel good about seeing just how our donations are helping. 

If you would like to donate to them directly you can find information on how to do so on their facebook page. 

We will also keep you updated on how our fundraising goes through our own facebook page.