About Us

Jen Ritchie and Fiona Lally share a passion for scrapbooking, documenting their stories and sharing that desire with others. Both having lived in Asia for some time, they understood that scrapbooking and crafting supplies were not always easy to find. Supplies often had to be bought abroad and shipped, costing too much in shipping fees and causing long antsy waits for the goodies to finally arrive. It was over margaritas one day when they both realised they also share a desire to give everyone the chance to buy those things. 

As with most great ideas, it started with ‘what if…?’. What if people who wanted the latest beautiful trendy paper, those fab embellishments and inspiration to tell their stories could find them from the comfort of their own homes and not worry about crazy shipping fees and long waits?  And so in 2012, with a lot of hard work, ‘what if…’ became ‘let’s do it!’.

Starting their online shop was only just the beginning, Jen and Fiona wanted to make sure a full range of inspiration was delivered to you, with a blog offering fun challenges to help you get started, to tips and tricks and inspiring guest designers. They want to make sure that once your goodies arrive to your door inspiration continues to be delivered. They have also begun providing workshops in Hong Kong to help those of you who are local get started and make new friends.

Jen and Fiona are both advocates for the importance of telling your story. Life changes so quickly, we forget and loose things and people. Will you remember why you are laughing in that photo taken at dinner last week? or that funny thing your child said when they tried something new for the first time? probably not. We all have thousands of photos stored on our computers that are loosing their meaning and stories being forgotten. If you are nodding your head, then you need to get those photos out, record those stories and create beautiful albums to share with your family and friends.

With over 500 products carefully curated and with quality and style shinning through in every little detail - means that finding just the thing for a beautiful wedding album, celebrating a new arrival or simply documenting the everyday is easy. meilipaperie.com is about finding products and inspiration that help tell your story. 

Jen and Fiona still have many plans to grow and to help build a community of people all over Asia, Australia and New Zealand who have stories to tell and who can help you tell your stories, too.