It’s not acceptable to be single in the Dr. Freddy Ginwala world. Aunts are concerned and suggest that he find a girl. Matches made through dating apps or marriage portals are not always successful. Freddy has had many glasses of falooda, and purchased numerous bouquets of flowers in an effort to win his girlfriends. But the end result is not what he expected. Freddy’s pattern is well-known to even the staff at the cafe.

Dr Freddy Ginwala (KartikAaryan), haunted by childhood trauma, lives a monotonous, but comfortable life in Mumbai. He is a well-respected dentist, but is lonely in his 30s and has no one to call his home. He longs for companionship, and has no friends other than a tortoise or his parents. He is constantly in desperate need of companionship. Year after year, he is ridiculed for his awkward social life and made to feel shameful for trying his luck with women. Freddy is a loser despite his professional success and empathy towards those in need. When Freddy meets Kainaaz (AlayaF) at a wedding, things take a dramatic turn. Freddy, overcome by the love at first glance bug, musters up courage to approach Kainaz (Alaya F) only for her husband to punch him. As the film unfolds, a dramatic twist takes place.

Freddy’s thoughts resonate with Arthur Fleck, who asked, “Is this just me or is it getting more crazy out there?” Shashanka Shaikh and Parveez Shaikh believe Freddy must be Joker 2019 in spirit and Ek Hasina Thi (2005) in execution. Kartik even plays the imaginary violin, and then breaks into Joaquin Phoenix-esque creepy moves. Freddy’s story is full of suspense and sinister energy. You will be captivated by his story. The tension is further enhanced by the atmospherics. However, the second half feels lazy and juvenile. The psychological thriller becomes a routine revenge drama once the mystery has ended. This is not as satisfying as the original premise.

It is encouraging to see Hindi cinema embracing psychological-crime thrillers. Kartik Aaryan’s unnerving performance is the highlight of this film. As Freddy, an innocent man who is obsessed with love and seething rage, Kartik Aaryan is a revelation. To play Freddy, the actor has changed his weight, body language and gaze. The results are impressive. Kartik’s sociopathic portrayal as Freddy will make you reconsider going to the dentist. Alaya F is not able to make her presence known.

Freddy is quite engaging and disturbing, but it doesn’t hesitate to do its best. Although the film begins well, it doesn’t reach its full potential. The film focuses on mental health and childhood trauma, as well as the impact it has on individuals. This is something that deserves a deeper understanding. This video is Kartik’s brave and successful attempt.

Although Kartik Aaryan, the lead actor, attempts to make his character work. He gets the body language and even the shifting gaze of a nerdy, unhappy loner stuck in a hard shell much like his turtle pet. However, his game efforts fail because neither the weaknesses nor the seductive charms that Alaya falls for – Alaya must also stretch herself to the snapping point to get under the skin of his temptress. Neither of these are convincing psychologically or dramatically.

Their actions are too random and distorted to be convincing. They may also reflect ingrained self-destructive mental disorders. Freddy doesn’t create tension or suspense. It is a cat-and mouse game that unfolds after a brutal hit and run case. The repercussions of this case are becoming more predictable.


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