After watching ‘Extract’, which is one of the most popular movies on Netflix, many fans hoped for a sequel. The film was seen by more than 99 million households. It gained enormous viewership when it was streamed via the OTT platform.
Sam Hargrave is back as director, and Joe Russo writes the story. The film’s executive producers are the Russo Brothers. The film’s first segment was about an Indian drug lord who kidnaps his son in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It also featured Tyler getting double-crossed.

Part 2 of Extraction focuses on a family that was rescued from a Georgian Gangster and who died during the operation. The story centers on Tyler’s brother who wants revenge and is able to corner Tyler in Sydney. Extraction 2’s cast includes Chris Hemsworth and Adam Bessa .

What is the status of Extraction2?

Official Production Status – Post-Production after reshoots

Extraction2 was initially scheduled to start filming in Sydney (Australia), but Covid restrictions forced the production to be moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

Chris Hemsworth also confirmed via his Instagram account, that filming would start in November 2021.

Filming for Extraction was completed on March 19, 2022.

Netflix released amazing behind-the scenes footage of Extraction2 at its most recent TUDUM event, which took place on September 24th.

Later, it was revealed that some reshoots took place in Prague for the movie. According to The Prague Reporter, Extract 2 returned to Prague earlier in the month [November 2022] to continue reshoots. This was after a brief shoot that lasted just a few weeks. “

Chris Hemsworth updated on November 12th to confirm the completion of the reshoots.


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