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Project Life updates

Hi it’s Fiona here with a look at one of my Project Life spreads.


Let me first start by saying – I am NOT up to date. I’m actually weeks behind!! But I’m not letting it get to me. I’m working my way through it when I can, as let’s be honest, sometimes there are other things that just need to be done!


I love how we all capture a week differently. This aspect of Project Life is a favourite of mine as we do what works best for us! My Project Life always begins with January 1st! It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is but THAT date is my starting point, as opposed to starting on a Sunday or Monday. My album for 2016 tells stories on a weekly basis from Friday to Thursday, as Jan 1st 2016 fell on a Friday.


Some weeks there are lots of stories & other weeks it’s quieter. Some weeks there are lots of photos, some weeks only a few. Some weeks it’s simple & other weeks I spend more time on putting it together. However, I do have one feature that is the same on each weekly spread and that is a date card – always in the top left corner.
I originally used to just use photos & physical products but over time as I’ve become more proficient with Photoshop I’m starting to incorporate more digital elements – whether that be overlays, words on photos, printing digital elements. I love how we can mix it all up & create albums that are uniquely us!


This spread is 10-16 June 2016. I had been working on a different project re a fitness/health journey I had begun & my Day One photo was a great starting point for this week. And it went from there. The photos appear to be dark but that’s because most of the photos were taken late afternoon/evening, which I’m fine with as that’s part of our story for this week. Before putting this spread together I’d been learning new things in Photoshop & wanted to give these digital aspects a go. I’m happy with how it turned out & happier that another week has been documented.


Spread 1



Spread 2



Both spreads



Thats all from me today. Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to visit our store with the different yummylicious Christmas collection. Use this link to get 10% off your bill.


Have a great day. :)

By Fiona Lally
on November 22, 2016
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Using Pinkfresh Studio's sticky notes

Hello crafty friends,


TGIF!! Today we are featuring 2 projects with the use of Pinkfresh studio's sticky notes. 


This awesome pack comes in 8 different designs and 160 pieces. You can use it as it is or use it in your projects.



I decided to use the sticky notes as my patterned paper to accent my layout. I love the muted pastel tones.



I then added some embellishments from Indigo hills collection to complete this layout. Loving the gold accent as well. 





Gorgeous wood accents in the same collection.





I thought that the pastel tones would really go well with a baby themed card..... and it did. This card was really simple, it all came together in just 15 mins. 



So there you go. Two different projects using Pinkfresh studio's sticky notes. They are now available at Mei Li paperie. Use link: http://rwrd.io/4j9qmcj to get 10% off your bill.


Have a fantastic weekend. 😊😘

By Sharon Cornelius
on November 18, 2016
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Prepping a travel mini album

Hello There,


Today I'll be sharing my take on prepping a travel mini album.


For this album, I used papers from 3 different collections, Pinkfresh Studio - Felicity, Fancy Pants - Good Fellows, Millie & June


I love it when a collection can be easily matched with others, it makes me feel wise. LOL.



So to prep the base of the album, I just trim all the 12x12 papers to 4x6 inches. It was really quick and easy. I alternated the pattern to give a bit more variety.



For the cover, I wanted something a bit more different, I still wanted it to blend in so I choose this subtle pattern by Pinkfresh Studio's felicity line



I love it that its simple and straight to the point.



And there, a mini album base under 30 minutes, I love how calming the colors look together. 



Thats all from me today. Stay tune for the completed album.


These beautiful papers are still up for grabs, check it out at our store. Use link : 
http://rwrd.io/4j9qmcj to get a 10% discount on your purchases. 


Have a great Tuesday. :)

By Sharon Cornelius
on November 01, 2016
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Project Life Updates

Hello Hello,


Happy Monday! I hope you has a great weekend. 


Today I will be sharing my Project Life updates. I must admit, it has been a quite a challenge for me to keep up with PL, time is just passing by too quickly. But because I really appreciate the value of documenting my year, I am adamant to somehow attempt to complete it. Slowly but surely seems fitting for the tag line. LOL!


So here we go....



Really loving the rubber embellishment from studio calico, I just had to staple it to the title card and vohla, done.



Simple journaling and documenting for this spread, nothing over the top but it puts a smile on my face. :)



Are you a project lifer? Do you have any tips on how to keep up with Project life? We hope to hear from you in our comments box.


P/S: We will be announcing our instagram giveaway soon. We apologise for the delay.


Use this link http://rwrd.io/4j9qmcj to get 10% off your total bill. Happy shopping at Mei Li's. Have a great week.

By Sharon Cornelius
on October 24, 2016
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Friday Feature

Hello crafty friends,


Its Jen. Hope you are having a great week. Today I wanted to talk about collection themes. When manufacturers release a new collection they almost always have a theme that is very evident throughout. I don't know about you but sometimes the theme is so strong that I often oversee the potential that certain pieces of a collection might have and I just pass it by in the shop not even giving it much of a glance. Fancypants Good fellows collection was the most recent of those for me. Goodfellows has a strong male / grandpa/ father/ fathers day theme and seems that only very specific photos would fit it. I decided to challenge myself and use it for something completely different...



The first thing that came to mind was that its green, orange, gold and yellow colour palette and mix of plaids was perfect for an autumn project. I added a bit more variety by pulling a few other pieces from FancyPants Millie & June and Life is Beautiful collection... one closer inspection these 3 collections really do intermingle with each very well.  The different colours and patterns reminded me of the differences in autumn leaves. Since these collections weren't designed with autumn in mind I was limited with embellishments, this is where my silhouette came in handy. 

I am so happy with how it turned out and have framed it and put it out with our fall decor. 


Products used: 

Good Guy 12x12 paper - Fancy Pants Good Fellows

Puffy Dot Stickers - Fancy Pants Good Fellows

Our Garden 12 x 12 paper - Fancy Pants Millie & June

Ephemera Pack - Fancy Pants Life is Beautiful

Cactus Bloom 12x12 paper - Fancy Pants Life is Beautiful

Porch Swing 12x12 paper - Fancy Pants Life is Beautiful

By Jen Ritchie
on October 07, 2016
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Easy Shaker Card tutorial

Hello Crafty friends,


Happy Tuesday to all. :)


Today I have an easy shaker card tutorial to share. Below are some of the supplies needed for this card.



I used papers from my scrap stash for this card. A really fun way to put your leftover to good use. Just trim down your paper to fit the card base.  Trim a clear plastic folder to the same size as your patterned paper.



I used a bit of roller tape to temporary secure the clear plastic into place. Fill the pocket with sequins and beads of your choice (not too much as it would be difficult to seal).



A fast and secure way of closing the pocket is to sew on it, if you have the Fuze tool, you  can use that too. 



To give it that extra interest, I also sewed patterned papers.



A simple bold sentiment to complete this simple shaker card.



We would love to see you try this tutorial and tag us @Mei_Li_Paperie or #meilipaperie

Use my referral code:http://rwrd.io/4j9qmcj to get 10% off your total shopping bill.

Thank you & have a great day.


By Sharon Cornelius
on October 04, 2016
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Friday with Fancy Pants Good Fellows

Hey, it's Fiona.


Do you ever find that when you're working on a project the name of the collection plays a rather large part in helping you decide to use products from it or not? For me, it does. Unless it's Christmas, then that's easy. This got the team thinking about ways to use themed collections in a different way than what the name intends. A good example is that of Fancy Pants Good Fellows collection. Firstly, I have to say, I love this collection! From the colour palette, to the designs, to the embellishments – all of it fabulous to help document the stories of the men (little & big) in our lives. That is if you take the name literally! However, if like me, you like the paper, the colours etc.... you can use it in any project to help document a story.


The idea that we had was to use this collection in a different way – create a project without the boys - & show the versatility of it. I selected the papers I wanted to use & then went through my photos to see what story I wanted to tell. One of the first photos that I picked up was of my daughters getting ready for the day. They do a variety of activities, & I'm sure like many of you, try to find ways to make it all fit. Both my girls swim & there are expectations that they need to meet for their current squads. I knew I wanted to tell this story of how they want to do well in this sport & it was both their idea to go to the morning swimming sessions so that they could meet the requirements. And still have time to do other activities.



These photos worked well with Big Fella & the Good Guy paper. I used these as my base & built up from there. I thought it needed some contrast so also included from the Life is Beautiful collection the Cactus Bloom paper. I wanted the photos to tell the story so kept it simple with not much layering. The chipboard alpha from Life is Beautiful is a favourite too so had to be included.


This cool faux leather embellishment. Love it.



To give it some dimension, I added some foam squares.



The completed Layout. Truly happy with how it all came together. Yay!



Happy Friday to all. :)

By Fiona Lally
on September 30, 2016
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Pink Fresh Studio - Oh Joy Collection open for PRE ORDERS

Hello Hello TGIF!!


Happy Friday to all. :)


Christmas is really not that far away, its arriving sooner than we think. As we approach the last few months of 2016 (oh goodness, another 3 months before the year ends!! What??!!) our schedules tend to get busier and busier. 


Here at Mei Li Paperie, we are giving you the option to Pre Order your christmas goodies now, to save you from last minute headaches. Today we will be looking at Pink Fresh Studio's Oh Joy collection.


Look at this fun, modern, whimsical Patterned papers. Aren't they cute?



They also come with a collection of really really cute embellishments. OMGEE! 









Last but not least. This super cute stamp set. Truly an Oh Joy moment! :)



Don't wait any longer. Pre Order yours now. Click here


Have a great weekend friends. 

By Sharon Cornelius
on September 23, 2016
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Introducing our latest addition to the team.


We have some very exciting news to share with you today! We have been working behind the scenes to recruit a Social Media manager to join our team, and today, we will be introducing her.....


Please join us in welcoming Sharon Cornelius


Sharon lives in Penang, Malaysia. She is a Etsy seller, crafter and a freelance dance teacher. One day in 2008, she stumbled upon a local scrapbook shop, she was so drawn to the products that she immediately bought some items and got hooked in an instant. 8 years has gone by and she's still crafting. She is a person who loves to journal (even pre scrapbooking days), so imagine her excitement when she found out that she could make her documentation beautiful. Documenting moments is a visible and colorful diary to her. She takes photos and creates Project Life spreads/Layouts that revolves around her daily life. She is inspired by little things like adventures with her friends and family, exploring different types of food, tasting new coffee, her journey in faith and other moments in her life. She usually keeps her documenting simple, primarily focussing on the photographs, letting them speak for themselves, with a touch of journalling and embellishments. 

We couldn’t be more thrilled about her joining our Mei Li team! Enjoy the following examples of her work.







You can read and enjoy more of Sharon's creations on her blog and connect with her on  Instagram and Pinterest.

Thank you for stopping by.

By Mei Li Team
on September 20, 2016
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Sweet Little You Printable

Hello Hello,

Jen here. So glad to be updating our blog again. :)

 I designed these printable with the intention of getting me inspired to start my 2016 Project life aka Arlo’s baby album. However, I never thought it would be so hard to find time that I

 a) would not be exhausted

b) could have a moment to myself and

c) have creative mojo… its about time the stars have aligned and I was able to dust off my scrap space.

 I used the “hello world” image to create a title for Arlo’s birth story…. Because when is Hello world anymore appropriate?? *winks* The rest I mixed in with some vintage Heidi Swapp and Pinkfresh Studio I had in my stash... *cough* hoard.



Life is truly hectic now that I have a 7 month old… yes its taken me this long to start his album… and so my goal is to keep it simple and sweet which I kept in mind when designing these printables… dress them up or leave them as is they work great either way!



There's my handsome Arlo. 



He is perfect.



Thats all from me today.

 We are offering 50% off our Sweet Little You printable from 9th (Friday) to 12th (Monday) Sep, use code Sweet50. Hurry get them today and tag us (#meilipaperie) in your projects.


Hello all, 

Fiona here. I love the new Mei Li Paperie printable – Sweet Little You! Even though they were designed with new little bundles of joy in mind they are so versatile & perfect for many different projects.

I wasn’t quite sure what I would make with these cards so I decided to print them first &  go from there. As they print black, my first thought when done was that these would look fantastic with the MINC foil, so I reprinted them with my laser printer. I just love how the foil transforms these printables.


The printable ‘and so the adventure begins’ really stood out. I thought it was the perfect accent to use on a layout to document the start of a family road trip. I knew it was memories that I hadn’t started recording so it was the perfect time to start. I kept my layout pretty simple using paper & embellishments from Elle’s Studio Sunny Days collection. I also discovered I had a lot to say when I started journaling.



Just look at how beautiful the foiling turned out. 



And my completed Layout. 



I'm Sharon, the latest addition to team Mei Li. Yay! 

I was really excited to work on Sweet Little You Printable, although it was created for babies, it is versatile enough to use it on any projects....the possibilities are endless.

I used mine on my Project Life July spread.

I trimmed the 4x6 title card to fit the 4x4 pockets. 

For this spread I trimmed the 3x4 'Hi' card to make it look like its part of the photograph.

Cheers to happy success. LOL. 

I'm really happy with how this two page spread turned out. It is so simple yet very eye catchy. Thank you Jen for designing this awesome printable, they are really flexible and can be used on many projects. 

Do not miss this opportunity to get this printable at 50% off with code Sweet50. Offer ends Monday (12th Sep) 2016.

Happy Crafting Peeps.


By Sharon Cornelius
on September 09, 2016
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